Northwest Independent
Baseball League
Premier Baseball for Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington

Tori Ash Memorial

2023 All-Star Game
7/31/2023 NWIBL 15th Game
Gates open at 6:00PM

Sckavone Stadium
Location: Sckavone Stadium 7-11PM
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Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby Entry

Home Run Derby Held on 8/27

Starts 4:30
Location: Sckavone Stadium
Sport : Baseball
Region : Portland Metro Area
Northwest Independent Baseball League

2023 All Star Game West 8 East 7

2022 All Star Game East 17 West 7
Jeremiah Cameron, Jamye Cameron, Tommy, Ben Ellis
James Campbell Coach
Matt Cole Coach
Jake MCgraw Coach
Scot Baumer Coach
Webfeet, Rainiers, Cobras, Expos, Thunder, CutThroats, Cubs,
Hawks, Mariners
Seadogs, Brewers, Padres, Pilots, Cardinals, Bears, Cavaliers,
Rangers, Senators,


Cardinals Joe Aley
Scott Dalrymple
Mike Wesner


Derick Miramontes Manager

Zach Mandleblatt

Chris Byrd, Ayden Callahan

Brendyn Mullikan Manager Injured
Gunnar Harrell
Christian Cerrara
Zac Chaves


Justin Sharpe


Anthony Nelson
Dawson Cuber


Matt Schweitz
Jorge Zepeda, Jesse Countryman

Nate Wingate
Micah Chee
Matt Taylor
Andrew Blair
Prime +30 Clackamas Division
Portland Webfeet
Trevor MCCalmont
Jonny Kosenick
Sea Dogs
Jesus Corvarrubias
Taylor Hill

PDX Cobras
Dan Cooper

Kyle Sharp, Johnny Bliss

Pacific NW Pilots AAron Payette
Eric Blain
Jace Krause
Columbia Rainiers
Matt Porter
Derek Fink
Bridgetoe Brewers
Kyle Pisano
Eric Eszlinger, Enrique Lopez
Hunter Bufton, Nate Roshak
Portland Padres
Bryan Braaten
Jordan Sisler
martha Martha aaron
umps hpmeet
asgw asgss
west east
Jeramie Clardy MVP Cody Cook MVP
mvp cook


Kolby Somer

Jesus Covarrubias

Chris Whitelock

Geno Samarron


The Home Run Derby will now take place on
 at Sckavone Stadium .  All NWIBL Players who have hit a Home Run are entered into the HR Derby and any NWIBL player who wishes to enter
the cost is a $20 donation to

Winner Takes Home the above American Beech Wood Bat

HOME RUNS  29 x $10+ 3 GS x$50 = $440 to T1D Donation 2017
Join the NWIBL Team % K walk 9/28
HOME RUNS  29 x $10+ 3 GS x$50 = $440 to T1D Donation 2017
Join the NWIBL Team % K walk 9/28
Chance Miles Winner of the 2017 HR Derby
Late entries Chance Milles Wins with Six Home Runs, with  Darwin Eustaquio 3 Home Runs,
 and Alex Smith 1
Thanks for helping to raise
$440 for 29 Home runs this the 2016 Season for JDRF type 1 type none
2017 Home Run Hitters
Kyle Kirwan River Cats James Campbell  A's
Max Virnig River Cats 2 Vince Spilotro  A's
Danny Casey Bridgetown Thunder 2 Parker Stidham Irish
Cole Pittman Bridgetown Thunder  
Brooks Manner Bridgetown Thunder Rolando Zamora (2) Twins
  Doug Winston Twins
Josh Soskie ardinals Grand Slam Playoffs Conrad Woolsey  Twins
Josh Soskie Mariners (Sub) Daymond Fritsch Twins Gran Slam
Kevin Cox mariners  
  Tyler Burnett Mavericks


Denarvis Turner Wildcats Ryan Nelson Jays
Mark Willis  Wildcats Chris Toh Jays
Alex Smith  Wildcats
Mitch Angus Wildcats Trevor Wharton Grand Slam Giants
30 and Older Home Runs
Dave Reynolds Bridgetown Bucks Nathan Royle Royals
  Conrad Woolsey  Royals
Players Making a $10 Donation to JDRF
Johnny Bliss, Matt Ellenberger Kurt Henning,  Brian Granse
Chance Miles   
No Hitter
Mark Triolo against Wildcats Ralph Belloc against Cardinals
Have some fun join our fall softball league

Sponsored by NWIBL

Register for the JDRF 2017 Walk to Cure Diabetes
Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Portland International Raceway

NWIBL Donates $10 for every Home Run To JDRF
(Season Home Run Total
2017 total to date 22  2 Grand Slam 54 Total)

Join NWIBL for the JDRF One Walk on September 25th 9:00AM at Portland Raceway. 

A message from Duane & Gail, "Our Granddaughter Lili, now 16, thanks all of you that have hit Home Runs so far this season! NWIBL has raised $3820 towards a cure since 2009. Join our team “NWIBL Strikes out Diabetes” and help us meet our goal of raising $5000 which will go to fund critical research that will continue to improve the lives and eventually find a cure for T1D."

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to turning food into energy. It strikes both children and adults and is unrelated to diet and lifestyle. With T1D there are no days off, and there is no cure—yet. Your support can help change that. 

By donating or joining our team today, you can help fund research that impacts the lives of the millions of children, adults, and families challenged by T1D every day.
With your support, we will help JDRF turn Type One into Type None. Thank you.









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