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Save on durable pro stock maple, Ash, Beech, birch & Maple composite wood baseball batsop 1-3
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For NWIBL and SWABL League Prices or to order call 5032082009

Ultra Professional Maple Magnum ULtras Maple Magnum Supreme
Ultra Professional Maple Magnum i13 12 Months Warranty BBCOR.50
Katana Pro 243
All Wood Katana Euro Beech 32,33,33.5 &34 Inch B243 Euro Beech B243 30 Day Warranty
All Wood Katana Pro Bi13 Euro Beech 32, 33, 33.5 & 34 Inch Bi13Euro Beech 30 Day Warranty
All Wood EXIS Pro Maple Fiber Sleeve  32, 33, 33.5 & 34 Inch 180 Day Warranty Balanced

Maple Magnums 180 Day Warranty BBCOR 5.0

MM 243 6 Months Warranty

MM 271 6 Months Warranty
M110 Maple Pagnum
MM 110 6 Months Warranty Sold Out

Ultra Maple Magnum 6 Month Warranty BBCOR 5.0

Ultra Eagle Magnums 90 Day Warranty BBCOR 5.0

Ultra Eagle Magnum UEM 243

Ultra Eagle Magnum UEM RC 22

Eagle Magnums 60 Day Warranty BBCOR 5.0

Eagle Magnums EM 243
Eagle Magnum C243 available 32, 33, 33.5 and 34 inch drop 3

Eagle Magnums EM i13

Eagle Magnums EM 271

Eagle Magnums EM PAT 5

Woodsman AX Bat
Canadian Rock Hard Maple Woodsman AX Bat
Furcrum 332
Canadian Rock Hard Maple Fulcrum 332
Rock KR3Maple 243
Canadian Rock Hard Maple M243
KR3 Rock Maple i13
Canadian Rock Hard Maple i13
KR3 Birch i13
Yellow Birch i13
KR3 Birch 243
Yellow Birch 243

KR3 Ash Wood Bat 243
Steel Hardened ASH 243
Ash i13 KR3
Steel Hardened ASH i13

Katana All Wood Euro Beech  32 inch Drop 2-3
EW Fulcrum 17
EW Fulcrum 17 Better than Balanced

KR3 Gloves
KR3 Baseball GloveBallOutfielders-Back of Glove