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Willamette Division City Champions Portland Athletics
 Columbia Division City Champions
2014 NWIBL All-Star Players

Your NWIBL2014 All Star Players and Teams
Premier Baseball for Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington

North 4 South 14

2013 Sandy River Team 9   vs. Tualatin River Team 5
2014 City Championships  Play Off Information

08.24.2014 4 PM
Location: Sckavone Stadium
Sport : Baseball
Region : Portland Metro Area
Northwest Independent Baseball League

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The Sixth NWIBL All-Star game will be played on 8/24 starting 4 PM ...this will be a 9 inning game followed by a Home Run Derby.  All players who have hit a Home Run are entered into the Derby and any player who wishes to enter the cost is a $10 donation to JDRF Total 38 Home Runs in 2014

We will set up 2 BBQ's in the park area at the entrance to the Stadium  for a pot luck BBQ...and this is open to all League Players, Umpires, and their families, so bring your hot dogs and burgers and have a blast.

This year we want all Managers, League Players, Umpires, and your Families to join us....Bring your Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Cheese,  Buns, Chips, Soda, and what ever you want to bring. 

WE have 2 and may need a more portable BBQ's to be set up in the park area at the entrance to the Stadium  for a pot luck BBQ...and this is open to all League Players, Umpires, and their Families.
Each team can submit 3 position players, 1 alternate and 1 pitcher......some of you will want to submit more and if you do they will be place on an alternate list and will be added as needed. Managers of the Division Winners Jack Burns North and Dan Cooper South will manage the 2 teams. 

PCB TRIBE 2014 Columbia Champions

ATHELTICS 2014 Willamette Champions

Columbia River Cats
2014 Columbia Division Winners

Vancouver Bandits 2014
Willamette Division Winners

 NWIBL 2014 All-Stars

Columbia River Cats c1
Dan Cooper Preston Devine South Team
Vancouver Bandits w1
Jack Burns x North Team
Ryan Miller Kyle Sharp
Mike Hopp Nathan Royale
Max Virnig x Rick Baughman x
Dylan Durrell Jarre Hirosaki x
Brooks Spangler P  


P-Town Pirates   c5
Todd Herbst
Boones Ferry Bombers c2
Ty Brack
Jeremy Clardy Paul Raglione
Trevor Fox x Riley Henricks
Alex Billette x Colin Feldtman P
  Scotty Burris


Wolves w7
Randy Rubalcava x
Vancouver G-Nomes w5
Robert Murdock
Correy Pizer x

Brandon Mccintosh x

Mitch Davis x

Kohle Laffoone x

Miles Lewis Alt x

Keenan Laffoone x

Danny Kloucek  x

Jordan Moore x

Paul Stewart x  


PBC Tribe c4
Sean Fennel  Manager
Portland Cardinals w8
Joe Aley x
  Derek Fink x
Jared Van Hoon x Brent Parton x
Rory Shortell Colin Preuss x
Jeremy Roulin Wesley Stoltz x
  Bryce Baulig


Washington D'Backs c8
Matt Angus x
Bridgetown Thunder c3
Sam Pogue
Denarvis Turner x Galen Andrews x
Nick Sumstine x Travis Hardaker
Neddy Garcia x Robbie Schaeffer x
  Kris Walker x


Portland  Titans  w6
Ben Schwisow x
Cascadia Meadowlarks w4
Bobby Knight Zach O'Conner
Tyler Davis Bruce Berry
Trevor Terranov x Tim Martin x
Brent Keller x Andrew Higgins
Vince Laspina Dalton Husband x
Justin Harris alt Steven Yednan x


Portland Athletics w2
Jim Klee Aaron Byer
Mariners c6
Doug Meyers David Harding x
  • Ryan Kline x
Eric Purcell  x
  • James Campbell
Chad Cooper  x
  • Henning Hasberstroh
Dustin Harding
  • Vince Spilatro


Stumptown Mavericks w3
Rafa Lopez x
Portland  Jays c8
Brandon Royal
Jacob Schaefer x

Gary Aho x

Mychal Blaire Injury

Easton Lort x

Chris Carlucci x

Aaron Perez x

Nate Rashak x  
Hayden Agnew-Wieland p  


(Eric Bolis Guard Duty)   Mavericks  
Mark McNamee River Cats  
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