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Most Team Try Outs Held at Ball Park #3 Westmoreland Park 97202
Located in S.E. Portland's Westmoreland Park.
Long time home for semi-pro baseball. SE Lambert St & SE 23rd Ave


News from Past Drafts

With the advent of the Portland Beavers having left Portland everyone is asking what will happen to baseball in Portland next season (2011). The Northwest Independent Baseball League has the answer.

Come see Semi-professional baseball played with local teams and players form Portland, Gresham, Salem and Vancouver. Fourteen teams play baseball from May through August at Walker and Sckavone Stadiums (see schedule at NWIBL.ORG) in Southeast Portland. Teams consist of players with High School, College, and Professional experience.

These teams are looking for local sponsorship. Your sponsorship can be a place to meet after games at a sports pub or restaurant, (food and sprits as this is an adult team). Auto Dealers, Auto Parts, Sporting Goods, Sports Academy, Coffee Roster, or your business...

The 2011 seasons looks for the league to expand with up to 5 new teams (Portland Athletics, Portland Yankees, Westmoreland Red Sox, the Stumptown Bee's, and the Eastside Brewers). NWIBL Players within the two divisions can continue their passion playing baseball at the highest level. Players follow MLB rules and use wood bats.

These teams are looking for new players with Varsity High School, College, and Professional experience. Baseball players that are wanting to continue their baseball passion and competitive sprit can sign up at NWIBL.ORG. Now's your chance to play in Portland's premier 18 and older Wood Bat Northwest Independent Baseball League. If your a solid Baseball Coach and willing to manage we need you...

Wood Bat 18 and Older Adult  Baseball League
Sign up to Play Baseball Now!!! Be Drafted onto a team April 14, 2012 All registered players will be emailed when tryouts will be held 30 days before so that you can be in baseball shape.
Player Registration form 2017

VETERANS you have given to your country now we offer you a 10% discount off player fees when playing in the Northwest Independent Baseball Summer and Fall baseball league...Call NWIBL office at 503 208 2009 for registration information.
Arte you just returning from Active Duty and a member of the Portland national guard...We have opening for a ANG Team with special team registration now 503 208 2009 for player and team information...Team manager Needed

See what you need to be ready to do...and what Managers want to see.

Let me list what positions need what attributes:

Catcher- Needs to be a very loud, aware take charge guy; May be even the smartest and most baseball-knowledgeable player on your team. You can't have a slow catcher, he must be agile and quick. If not, sooner or later it will come back to haunt you.

1st baseman- Also can't be very slow or it will hurt you. He must be able to cover some ground as more infield errors occur from bad throws than missed balls!

2nd baseman- Quick hands and quick feet. Doesn't have to be very big so he needs to be able to make contact at the plate especially if he is small and doesn't bring too much pop with the bat.

Shortstop- The leader of your infield and very quick and hopefully, fast. If he can't cover the whole left side of the infield, than he should be a 2nd baseman. Should be very athletic and maybe your leadoff or #2 hitter.

3rd baseman- Strong arm, doesn't have to be the quickest but should be able to cover the line because your shortstop will cover to his left if he can't reach it. The older the player, the more he is looked at as a power guy.

Left Fielder- Should be able to charge in very well because he needs to play deeper than most of your outfielders due to so many right-handed pull hitters. Doesn't need the best arm but couldn't hurt.

Center Fielder- Good to great arm, should be one of the best and quickest athletes on your team. If he can't cover much ground, don't pick him or put him in left or right if he has a superior arm. He gives the corner outfielders confidence. Remember. the game is won "Up the Middle"!

Right Fielder- Big arm, needs to make the longest throws on the field. Again, the older the player, the more he is expected to hit for power. Doesn't need great speed, covers limited amount of ground.
Our Tryouts Consist Of:

Outfielders - Any player who thinks he might be an outfielder goes to right field. We hit them fly balls and they throw to 3rd base and then home. We measure velocity. We look for ability to judge fly balls, arm strength and accuracy.

Infielders - Any player who thinks they are a 3B, SS or 2B goes to the shortstop position. We hit them a series of ground balls (at them, right, left and slow rollers) and they throw to first base. Again we measure velocity. We look for ability to field ground balls, athleticism, arm strength and accuracy.

First Basemen - We do the same for these guys except they are stationed at first base and throw to third base

Catchers - We put them behind the plate and get a glove to glove stopwatch time on throws to second base. We look for timing and accuracy. We put them behind the plate during the hitting tryouts and pitching tryouts to judge their ability to receive pitches.

Pitchers - We are simply looking for arm motion, especially players who don't "shortarm" the ball. Obviously accuracy and velocity are a factor.

Hitters - We watch swing mechanics. We don't care if they touch the ball or not. Do their swing mechanics show that they have the ability to be a potential hitter


Portland, OR  Monday night open league wood bat baseball for non NWIBL team players.
Sign up now first 24 players will play on Monday at Sckavone Stadium Monday nights starting at 6.30 PM-9 PM. Players will also be eligible to sub on league teams once you register and pay a one time $15.00 for accident insurance and just $20.00 per game. Wood Bats and Baseballs included. 20 signed up 4 to go.
     Monday Night Baseball will continue until the last batter is out sometime the end of October

Portland, OR 03/20/2017  NWIBL provides Accident Insurance for all registered players during practice and games. All players need to get your player applications in now to be covered.

Portland, OR 5/12/09 First game in the history of the Northwest Independent Baseball League was played tonight at Sckavone Stadium. The Portland A's played the BridgeTown Thunder in a extra inning game tonight.  Both teams scored 1 run in the first inning and then it was in the trenches. No more runs scored, but great pitching, great fielding for 6 innings until the top of the 8th when the lighting struck and thunder was heard.
Final score
Thunder 2 and the A's 1
Portlanders can now see free baseball at Sckavone and Walker Stadiums.

03/20/2017  Portland Or 
Are you a college player
that has graduated this year and you are not ready to take off the cleats, hang up your glove or get rid of that metal bat?  Well trade that metal bat, for a good wood bat, put the cleats back on and play more baseball this summer in the Northwest Independent Baseball League.  Here you can continue playing, meet new friends and enjoy Americas game, email  Duane Wangenheim for a player App. Information
Portland OR.  03/05/09
REGARDLESS OF WEATHER CONDITIONS WE WILL BE @ SCKAVONE FIELD 3/8/2009 TO MET WITH YOU. PLEASE BRING YOUR REGISTRATION FORMS WITH YOU TO SAVE TIME.  YOU WILL HAVE 30-45 MINUTES TO STRETCH AND WARM UP.  PLEASE DO NOT OVER DO IT!  WE KNOW YOU CAN PLAY AND IT IS A LONG SEASON. Field Update 3/7/09 2 pm I just got back from the field and it is in good condition, dugouts are dry and no puddles at home, some mud at first, pitchers mound well drained, see you all in the morning.

Portland OR. 3/05/2009

March 8th is this Sunday and if you want to get some swings in try Batting 1000. NWIBL with be at SCKAVONE FIELD setting up for our first annual draft day.  Please download the Player registration forms (Register Now Here) and fill them out before your arrival, we want you on the field warming up.  Remember it's a long season and we don't want injuries ...go slow we know you are good ball players and no one wants to see anyone get hurt on a cold day by not being warmed up...

Portland OR. 2/28/2009
Northwest Independent Baseball League

Call for Women's WOOD BAT Baseball Team

Call for women's wood bat baseball teams announced ....Do you have what it takes to play or manage a new women's team, to motivate a team, to mold their passion into a competitive winning team, email me a short resume on how you would work with your team.     Northwest Women's Independent Baseball League

NWIBL League Try Outs

2009 NWIBL ADULT WOOD BAT SUMMER LEAGUE play will consist of each team playing 20 league games, starting play May 2 & 3, no league games Motherís Day (May 10 ) - Memorial Day weekend (May 23, 24 & 25) or July 3 thru 5 (4th of July weekend). All teams will then advance to the League Championship Tournaments, scheduled for August 6 thru 9 with the Division  Champions advancing to the 1st Annual NWIBL Adult Summer Series August 15, 16 & 17

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Play Baseball in Portland this Summer

If you are looking for work check here Baseball Jobs and Portland Area Jobs

The Northwest Independent Baseball League teams are dedicated to helping take the level of play to new heights. To this end, the League coaches and players will conduct clinics and seminars for youth players that will help build on the baseball foundations that theyíre developing and give them the athletic and sportsmanship skills that will help carry them to the next level of competition.

Whether itís helping to improve the facilities in the area, or the building on the skills of local players, the NWIBL is intent on proving that baseball is more than just a spectator sport. Fans of all types are welcome and encouraged to come cheer on teams in the
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