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Our Pitching Students are Gaining an
Average of 6.2 mph in their First 6 Weeks
WHILE Developing a More Durable Arm!

The Most Amazing Video Analysis System Ever…

So, I continued my search to provide you personal high-quality instruction with the latest and greatest techniques at a very reasonable price (and get the video analysis back to you in a short amount of time.)

And I found the perfect solution!

I have to say, my new system has surpassed my wildest dreams…

Here are several of the features I was looking for, and found, to be able to connect and help you online with your pitching delivery or hitting swing. With our exciting new Online Academy, I will be able to….

  1. Talk directly to you about your strengths and weaknesses while showing the video clip of your pitching delivery or swing mechanics…
  2. Break down your baseball swing, softball swing, or pitching delivery in super slow-motion and stop and go back to a certain point in the delivery or swing…
  3. Measure your tempo and rhythm to help with consistency…
  4. Measure your spine angles, posture changes, timing, and other angles, while visually showing you how some of your current pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics may be robbing you of valuable pitching velocity or killing your bat speed… or what is making it hard to be consistent...
  5. Compare multiple pitching deliveries or swings side by side or with an overlay to illustrate the challenges you have with control or where you are losing valuable pitching velocity or bat speed…
  6. Drop in other videos to compare your pitching delivery or hitting mechanics with other great baseball players…
  7. Drop short video clips into your personal analysis to show you some great drills to help you increase your pitching velocity, improve your control, or increase your hitting power!

Here's a 6 minute video clip that shows you some of the capabilities of our great system….

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