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Baseball League
Baseball Played the Wood Bat Way

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Full Time Players still Needed for 3 Teams
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Buy a Powerwood Solid Wood Bat  BBCOR.50
All Sizes in Stock 31-34 inch in 1/2 in sizes
Buy a Powerwood Solid Wood Bat  BBCOR.50
More POP and a 5 Month Warranty Hickory and Pacific Madrone
M-14 Knob M-21 Flare Grown and Made in the USA


KR3 High Density Core of Premium Straight Grain Birch 4 Outer Layers of Hard Canadian Maple with Laminated Grain Alignment  90 Day Warranty
KR3 Maple Magnum Composite BBCOR.50
Handel wrapped with Biaxial Fiber Sleeving
applied with rock resin epoxy
 KR3 Maple Magnum Composite BBCOR.50

Games Information and Cost to Play
Best Deal a 5 Pack for $90 with League Insurance
Part Season Player Fee
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