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Team Roster 2014
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Mike Welch

2014 Roster 7/22
2013 First Place Willamette Division
20-0 Division Record
Chavez Robert 11
Delatore Alan 2
Hodges Preston 3
Jackson Steve 23
Jaramillo Mike 5
Jarvis Justin 20
Kriesberg Spencer 26
MacNeil Brandon 28
McLafferty Quinn 15
Paxton Joe 7
Reinhardt Zach 13
Rowe Bill 55
Santiago John 16
Shrock Brian 44
Welch Mike 9
Wilson Timmy 22


Team Picture 2012

2012 2nd Place City Championship
I have decided that you need to raise the price of admission to Hawks games.  Over the years we consistently are involved in some of the most epic and suspenseful games played in the NWIBL.  If you want extra innings...we're your team; if you want late inning heroics, again we're your team.  If you want mid inning pitching changes and well executed hit and runs....again.  So I'm just letting you know that we may be asking for 60% of the gate instead of our usual 50%.  We're worth it.

River Hawks go 5-2 Losing to the Thunder in the 2012 Championship Game

2012 City Championship runner up.   2nd Place

An expansion team in 2009 the Riverhawks found a way to be competitive while defining a nucleus of players to build around.  A surprisingly successful First year produced a .571% winning percentage and a fourth place finish in the year end league tournament.  The addition of former AAA player PJ Hiser (Cleveland Indians organization) and collegiate stand out Mike Wood (North Carolina) helped elevate the Riverhawks play on the field.  That success caught the attention of and lured long time NWIBL/PCLB/MABL manager Mike Welch (Washington State) away from his managerial duties of the Angels.  His addition, along with a few key players led the upstart Hawks to a third place finish in league play and an appearance in the year end league tournament championship game.  The Hawk came within one game of claiming their first league title.  The Hawks built upon the success of their 2010 campaign and made another impressive run in the 2011 league tournament finishing just short of a much hoped for rematch against the Pirates in the Championship round finishing third.  With the addition of former OSU standouts Bill Rowe (2005) and Seth Piescth (2004) the Hawks look forward to another strong showing in 2012.

The Riverhawks are currently un-sponsored but enjoy a 45-50 game summer schedule that includes travel to Northwest destinations like Seattle, Spokane, Bend, Yakima and Medford.

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NWIBL 2011
3rd Place City Championship

Mike Welch


Mike Welch


2nd Place City Championship
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1/24/11 Summer Manager Mike Welch  9 Coach Steve Jackson
Welch Mike 9
Chavez Robert 11
Clark Kevin 24
Delaubenfels Steve 2
Field Brett 26
Hiser P.J. 21
Jaramillo Mike 5
Jarvis Justin 20
Richardson Aaron 32
Rowe Bill 29
Welch Mike 9
Wilson J.P. 27
Wilson Tim 22
Hovious John
Rizo John  
McLafferty Quinn  
Moreno Victor  
Dixon Brandon 3  NI
Paxton Joe  
Piestch Seth  
Hernandez Mark  
Fall 2010 Manager Duane Wangenheim 17

Joseph Brown y
Mark Bragalone y
Leland Cockcroft y
Stephen deLaubenfels 02?
Nick Gunderson y
Mike Jaramillo 35?
Justin Jarvis 20
TK Kennedy?

Ryan Kline y
Tom Larson y
Shean Lattin y

Yuta Nakamura?
Daniel Ray y
Aaron Richardson 21
William Rowe 55?
Tim Wilson 22?

8/1/10 Summer

Kevin Clark 13
Stephen deLaubenfels 2
Joshua Docken 12
Nick Gunderson
PJ Hiser 25
Mike Jaramillo 35
Justin Jarvis 20
TK Kennedy

JJ Moorman 6
Joe Paxton 15
Wyatt Poland 7
Aaron Richardson 21
Pete Stadmeyer 33
Elliott Sherrell 23

Manager Mike Welch  9
Tim Wilson 22
Mike Wood 3


Joe Ashdown
Jordan Bryant

Gary Coates 8 Coach
Don Elliot
Joe Paxton

William Rowe 55
Michael Pohlod (Canada)
Micheal Navarro 24 Coach
TK Kennedy
Duane Wangenheim G.M.

Injured Don Elliot 11


League Schedule
Revised and Up Dated 6/14/2010

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