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Official Rules NWIBL 2011: Foreword
This code of rules governs the playing of baseball games by the NWIBL

We recognize that many amateur and non-professional organizations play their games under professional rules and we are happy to make our rules available as widely as possible. It is well to remember that specifications as to fields, equipment, etc., may be modified to meet the needs of each group.

Index MLB
Official Rules: Foreword
This code of rules governs the playing of baseball games by professional teams of Major League Baseball and the leagues that are members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues.

We recognize that many amateur and non-professional organizations play their games under professional rules and we are happy to make our rules available as widely as possible. It is well to remember that specifications as to fields, equipment, etc., may be modified to meet the needs of each group.

Rules 1.00 through 9.00
Note: For any items not listed and for additional information, see alphabetized entries of Rule 2.00.
Abandoning Effort to Run Bases—6.08, 6.09(b) Comment, 7.08(a)(2), 7.08(j), 7.10(c).
Accident to Player or Umpire—5.10(c, h).
Apparent Fourth Out—7.10.
Appeals—6.07, 7.04(d) Note, 7.05(i) Comment, 7.08(d, j-k), 7.10, 9.02(c).
Awarded Bases—
Appeal 7.10;
Overthrown ball, by infielder 7.05(g);
Overthrown ball, by pitcher from pitcher’s plate 7.05(h), 7.05(g-i), 8.01(e);
Ground rules 3.13;
Obstruction 7.06(a) Comment;
Spectator interference 3.16 Comment;
Balk—4.03(a), 7.07, and various violations in Rule 8.00;
Penalty 5.09(c), 7.04(a), 8.05.
Base—1.04, 1.06, 2.00;
Dislodged 7.08(c) Approved Rulings 1 and 2.
Defaced 3.02, 8.02(a);
Official game balls 3.01(c-e).
Base Coaches—4.05;
Interference 3.15, 5.08, 7.09(h-i), 7.11;
Restrictions 3.17, 4.06(a).
Altered 6.06(d).
Bat Boy/Girl—3.15, 3.17.
Fails to advance to first base 6.08, 6.09(b);
Hit by pitch 5.09(a), 6.05(f), 6.08(b), 2.00 (Ball, Strike);
Interference by 6.05(g-i, k), 6.06(c), 7.08(g), 7.09;
Interference with 6.08(c), 7.04(d);
Position in batter’s box 2.00, 6.02, 6.03, 6.06.
Batter’s Box—1.04, 2.00, 6.02, 6.03, 6.06.
Batting Order—3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, 3.08, 4.01, 4.04, 6.01, 9.04(a)(8).
Batting Out of Order—6.07.
Bench/Dugout—1.08, 2.00;
Catch/Play attempts 2.00 (“Catch” Comment), 5.10(f), 6.05(a) Comment, 7.04(c), 7.11; Equipment 3.14;
Live ball deflected into 7.05(h);
Occupants 3.06 Comment, 3.17, 4.06, 4.07, 4.08, 9.05(c).
Bounced Pitch—2.00 (Ball).
Catch—2.00, 6.05(a-b).
Ball lodges in equipment 5.09(g), 7.05(i);
Interference by 2.00 (Interference (b)), 6.08(c), 7.04(d), 7.07;
Interference with 6.06(c), 7.08(g);
Position, 4.03.
Checked Swing—9.02(c) Comment.
Curfew—4.12(a)(1), 4.12(a) Note.
Darkness/Field Lights—4.12(a)(4), 4.12(a) Note, 4.14, 5.10(a-b).
Dead Ball (“Time”) and Resuming Play—3.12, 5.02, 5.10, 5.11, 6.02(b) Comment.
Defacing, Discoloring Baseball—3.02, 8.02(a).
Delay of Game—
By batter 6.02(c-d);
By pitcher 6.02(b) Comment, 8.02(c), 8.04, 8.05(h);
Forfeit for delay 4.15.
Designated Hitter—6.10.
Disabled List Players—3.17 Comment.
Dislodged Base—7.08(c) Approved Rulings 1 and 2.
Dropped Third Strike—2.00 (Ball), 5.09(g) Comment, 6.05(b-d, f, j, n), 6.09(b), 7.09(a).
Dugout—see Bench.
Ejection—4.06, 4.07, 4.08, 9.01, 9.02, 9.05.
Base 1.06;
Baseball 1.09;
Bat 1.10;
Bench 1.08;
Commercialization 1.17;
Glove/Mitt 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15;
Helmet 1.16;
Home base 1.05;
Pitcher’s plate 1.04, 1.07;
Uniforms 1.11.
Equipment Illegally Touches Live Ball—7.05(a-e, j).
Fair Ball—2.00;
Bounces out of play 6.09(e-g), 7.05(f);
Deflected out of play 6.09(g-h), 7.05(a, f);
Intentionally dropped 6.05(l);
Touches runner or umpire 5.09(f) Comment, 6.08(d), 6.09(c), 7.04(b), 7.08(f), 7.09(k).
Fielder Falls Out of Play—5.10(f), 7.04(c).
Fielder Positioning on Field of Play—4.03.
Fielder’s Choice—2.00, 10.12(f)(2).
Force Play/Force Out—2.00, 7.08(e).
Forfeit—3.11, 3.18, 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 9.04(a)(6), 10.03(e).
Foul Ball—2.00, 5.09(e).
Foul Tip—2.00, 5.09(g), 6.05(b) Comment, 7.08(d) Comment.
Glove/Mitt—1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15;
Illegally touches live ball 7.05(a, c, e).
Ground Rules—3.13, 9.04(a)(9).
Helmet—1.16, 6.05(h) Comment.
Home Run—6.09(d), 7.05(a).
Illegal Bat—1.10, 6.06(d).
Illegal Pitch—2.00 (Illegal Pitch and Quick Return), 8.01(b) Comment, 8.01(d), 8.05(e).
Illegally Batted Ball—5.09(d), 6.06(a).
Infield Fly—2.00, 6.05(e, l), 7.08(f) Exception.
Intentionally Dropped Ball—6.05(l).
Intentional Pitch at Batter—8.02(d).
Interference— Authorized on-field personnel 3.15;
Backswing, 6.06(c) Comment;
Defensive 2.00, 6.08(c), 7.04(d), 7.07;
Offensive 2.00, 5.09(f-g), 6.05(h-i, m-n), 6.06(c), 6.08(d), 7.08(b, f-g), 7.09, 7.11; Intentional (Double Play) 7.09(f), 6.05(m), 7.08(b) Comment;
Spectator 2.00 (Interference(d)), 3.16;
Umpire 2.00, 5.09(b, f), 6.08(d);
see also Base Coaches, Batter and Catcher.
League President—2.00, 1.11(i), 2.00 (Manager), 3.01(c), 4.12(b)(4), 4.13(c);
Illegal bat 6.06(d);
Pitching violations 8.02(a), 8.02(d);
Protest 4.18, 4.19;
Umpires 9.01(a), 9.04(c), 9.05.
Light Failure—4.12(a-b), 5.10(b).
Missed Base or Home Plate—7.05(i) Comment, 7.08(k), 7.10(b, d);
see also Appeals and Runner (Touch requirements).
Obstruction—2.00, 7.06, 7.09(j) Comment;
By spectators 4.09(b).
Official Scorer—3.03, 9.04(a)(8);
see also Rule 10.00.
First base, 7.08(c, j), 7.10(c);
Home plate 7.08(k), 7.10(d).
Pinch Hitter/Runner—see Substitutions.
Ball 2.00;
Goes out of play 7.05(h);
Intentionally thrown at batter 8.02(d);
Lodges in catcher’s or umpire’s equipment 5.09(g), 7.05(i).
Strike 2.00;
Touches batter 5.09(a), 6.05(f), 6.08(b), 2.00 (Ball, Strike).
Altered baseball 8.02(a)(6);
Becomes infielder 8.01(e);
Abandons effort to run bases 6.08, 6.09(b) Comment, 7.08(a)(2), 7.08(j), 7.10(c);
Intentionally pitches at batter 8.02(d);
Legal position 8.01(a-b);
Mouth, goes to on mound 8.02(a)(1);
Pitches visits by manager or coach 8.06;
Pivot foot 2.00, 8.01(a-b, e);
Possesses foreign object or substance 8.02(b);
Preparatory pitches 8.03, 8.06 Comment;
Throws out of play from pitcher’s plate 7.05(h).
Pitcher’s Plate—1.04, 1.07.
Player or Umpire Incapacitated—5.10(c, h).
Player Restrictions—
Barred from stands 3.09;
Confined to bench 3.17;
Fraternizing 3.09;
General conduct 3.06 Comment, 4.06, 4.07, 4.08.
Playing Field—1.04.
Police Protection—3.18.
Postponement Responsibility—3.10.
Pregame Conference—4.01.
Protested Game—4.19, 9.02(b).
Quick Pitch—see Illegal Pitch.
Rain Delays—3.10(c).
Regulation Game—1.03, 4.10 , 4.11;
7-inning Game 4.10(a) Exception.
Rosin Bag—3.01(f), 8.02(a).
Entitled to base 7.01, 7.03, 7.08(b) Comment;
Hit by pitch 5.09(h), 6.05(n);
Leaves baseline to avoid tag 7.08(a)(1);
Passes lead runner 7.08(h);
Retouch (tag up) requirements 2.00, 7.08(d), 7.10(a), 2.00 (Infield Fly), 5.09(e), 7.05(i) Comment;
Return prohibited 5.06 Comment, 7.01 Comment, 7.10(b);
Reverse base-running prohibited 7.08(i);
Touch requirements 7.02, 7.08(c) Approved Ruling 2;
see also Batter-Runner.
Score of Game—4.11.
Scoring Rules (Official Scorer)—Rule 10.00.
Scoring Runs—4.09, 5.06, 6.05(n), 7.04(b) Comment, 7.07, 7.08(g), 7.10 Comment, 7.12;
“Fourth Out” Appeal 7.10.
Set Position—8.01(b).
Spectators—3.09, 3.13, 3.15, 3.18, 4.06(a)(1-2), 5.10(f), 7.04(c), 9.01(e)(2);
Interference 2.00 (Interference (d)), 3.16.
Strike/Strike Zone—2.00, 6.08(b).
Substitutions—3.03 – 3.08, 4.04.
Suspended Game—4.12, 4.10(d);
NAPBL rule (optional) 4.12(a)(7-9).
Tag—2.00, 7.08(c, e);
After awarded base (live ball) 6.08(a), 7.04(b);
After missed home plate 7.08(k) Comment, 7.10 Comment;
After overrunning first base 7.08(c, j), 7.10(c);
While two runners touch same base 7.03.
Tagging Up (Retouch)—2.00 (Infield Fly, Retouch), 5.09(e), 7.05(i) Comment, 7.08(d), 7.10(a).
Third Strike Situations—2.00 (Ball), 5.09(g) Comment, 6.05(b-d, f, j, n), 6.09(b), 7.09(a).
Three-Foot Lane—1.04, 6.05(k).
Throw—2.00 (Pitch–Comment and Throw);
Pitcher 8.01(a-c, e), 8.02(c), 8.05(a-d, j), Approved Ruling, Comment (b);
Interference with 5.08, 5.09(b), 6.05(h, k, m), 6.06(c), 7.05(e), 7.08(b), 7.09(j), 7.11.
Thrown Ball Out of Play—3.01(e) Comment, 7.05(g-i), 8.01(e);
Appeal, during 7.10;
Ground rules 3.13;
Obstruction, during 7.06(a) Comment;
Spectator interference 3.16 Comment.
Tie Game—2.00, 4.10(d), 4.12.
Time Limits—4.12(a)(2), 4.12(a) Note, 9.04(a)(7).
Trips to the Mound—8.06.
Controls ground crew 3.11;
Field lights 4.14, 5.10(a-b);
Incapacitated 5.10(c, h);
Judge of playing conditions 3.10(b-c), 4.01(d), 5.10(a);
Pregame duties 3.01;
Reports to League President 2.00, 4.18, 9.05;
Touched by pitch or throw 5.08, 5.09(g), 6.05(b) Comment, 7.05(i).
Uniforms—1.11, 1.17.
Visit of Manager to Pitcher—8.06.
Weather and Playing Conditions—3.10, 3.13, 4.01(d), 4.12(a), 4.13(d), 5.10(a), 6.02(b) Comment, 8.02(a)(1);
Weather takes precedence 4.12(a) Note.
Windup Position—8.01(a).

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