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Baseball  Leather Wallet
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American Beech baseball bats high quality dense billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves
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The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of
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KR3 is a wood bat company who knows the wood bat business. Located in Canada with access to the best wood in North America both Pro and Amateur Wood bats have been in use since 1908. Throughout the past 100 years skills and techniques were past down through many generations of families whose dedication and passion to be the best bat makers paid off. Over 70,000 Major League bats were made in the Pro Shop here at this factory. KR3 was created from a desire to carry on this history, tradition and skill by choosing to take the Pro Shop and open its doors to make real professional bats for ball players within all levels of baseball. Offering the highest quality products and service to all of our customers is our first priority. Whether you choose in-stock or custom turning all of our bats are made to Major League standards.
KR3 Maple Magnum Composite

BBCOR .50 3 month warranty
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Bi-fold baseball wallets are made from real baseball leather

108 stitches, the same number as a real baseball

Hand-stitched with waxed red or white baseball thread

8 credit card slots, 6 vertical, 2 horizontal

Packaged in a Collector's Box

Perfect gift for: Fathers' Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations, Team Parties, Autographs $45

ProStyle Sports is based in a Portland, OR, founded by life-long baseball fan Michael Austin Manager of the Portland Flyers $45 with priority mail shipping

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