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Our Pitching Students are Gaining an
Average of 6.2 mph in their First 6 Weeks
WHILE Developing a More Durable Arm!

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Dear Pitching Enthusiast:

As the old saying goes, I wish I would have known then what I know now.

After my many years of research, many miles traveling around the country gaining the best knowledge on pitching today, and teaching the hundreds of students we’ve taught, I certainly know now what I did and didn’t do correctly back in my playing days.

Throughout my extensive education and training for pitching, I have developed great relationships with respected professionals, and their invaluable contributions are evident in the BioForce program. BioForce benefits from the present-day insights of former Major League pitcher and coach, Brent Strom, arm care protocols of elite athlete trainer, Sean Cochran, and cutting edge information on pitching biomechanics from Dr. Tom House.

This unique Major League proven collaboration puts BioForce Baseball among the most progressive and effective baseball academies anywhere in the world today.

Why has BioForce gone to such great lengths to create such comprehensive training? That's easy!!! We understand what pitchers are looking for. People really don't want to be cloned or taught a certain style...what they REALLY want is to improve their velocity, throw more strikes, make their breaking pitch sharper, keep their arm healthy under considerable workloads, and have the drive and focus to get through the toughest of times.

That's the BioForce Difference. Our programs and products develop the complete pitcher…focusing on creating real…objective… measurable…results in:

  Command / Control / Accuracy
  Health and Recovery of the Pitching Athlete
  Life Skills to help you see your goals to the end

Look around our ever-growing site. You’ll find articles, tips and, of course, our great products like the "12-Minute Shoulder and Elbow Endurance Solution" and gaining velocity drills and exercises with the "How to Become a More Explosive, Athletic, & Powerful Pitcher" DVD.

For those of you in the Portland, Oregon, area, please visit our "Indoor Academy" section. There you'll find information on our successful BioForce Baseball Academy, as well as our Elite Pitching, Hitting and newly announced Elite Catching programs for athletes in our area. We are a different kind of Baseball Academy. We are results-oriented. We track the athletes’ progress. How many instructors or lesson givers can say they quantify their students’ progress? We do. We have tools no one in the area has. We have techniques no one uses. We have exclusive access to some of the best information in the country.

Our students are achieving these results, not only with our outstanding comprehensive program, but also with our soon-to-be-announced BioForce University program. These athletes are getting into the best shape of their lives, becoming much more efficient with their mechanics, and achieving incredible results on the field, in the classroom, and with their personal relationships through our BioForce Life Skills Program.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and please return often.

Let’s dominate the competition,



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