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Baseballs right around the Conner time to sign up hear about baseball trades on the radio, just few stories in newspaper, very little on TV.  Come spring you can play it in a local Portland Stadium.  Come join us, you can play this summer on a Premier 18 and older local Portland baseball team.  If you are a current baseball player who wants to continue playing ball right up to the World Series then get your glove and come on out, NWIBL has a team waiting for you...We are gearing up for the spring/summer season, teams and players are needed to fill out rosters.

We are expanding and we need a few good Player Managers for new teams. Cubs, Brewers, Stars, Cardinals

VETERANS you have given to your country now we offer you a $50 Discount your fees will not exceed $300 in fees when playing in the Northwest Independent Baseball Summer and Fall baseball league...
Call NWIBL office at 503 208 2009 for registration information.

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NWIBL 2014 League Information

It is recommended that you read this in its entirety, especially if you are participating in the tryouts and/or are a new player.

Welcome to the 2014 NWIBL!

We are now in our 5th year of play. This document should answer most of your questions concerning the League, tryouts, costs and the operations of the NWIBL. If it doesn’t, there are names of contact people at the end of this information who would be glad to provide more information. We are here to help.

What is the NWIBL?

The Northwest Independent Baseball League (NWIBL) is a adult baseball organization which was started in 2009 for adults (ages 18+) who wanted to “revisit their youth” and play hardball. We started in 2009 with only 6 teams. By By the start of the season we had 10 teams and we have grown to 18 teams in 2012 teams.  We are now the largest 18+ baseball league in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

We are not affiliated with the Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL), or the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) we do not include “Men’s” in our name because women are allowed to play in the NWIBL. Therefore, any reference to “he” or “his” hereinafter may also apply to the female gender. Our motto is “Don’t Go Soft, Play Hardball.” The NWIBL is now recognized as one of the premier sports operations in the Portland Vancouver area. This year there will be 16-20 teams in 3 skill divisions (18+ Columbia, 18+ Willamette, and 28+ Clackamas Divisions) with well over 3000 players participating. There are other “leagues”, but they do not rise to the level of NWIBL’s competition, organization, professionalism and respect in the baseball community among colleges, high schools, park and recreation departments and school districts in our area.

How many divisions are there and how many games are played?

Div Level Age Games Play Guar* Pitch Rest. Wood Bats Roster Cuts Buddy Picks No. Teams
Columbia Unlimited 18+ 20 None None ONLY Yes Unlimited 8
Willamette  Advanced 18+ 20 None None ONLY Yes Unlimited 9
Clackamas  Rec. 28+ 16-20 None None ONLY No Yes Need 4

In extremely rare cases when unplayable weather is frequent, a team’s regular season schedule could be less than a complete season.  A strong effort is always made to reschedule all rained out games.

Your age for eligibility is anytime during the calendar year 2014. For example, if you are not 18 until July 31, 2014, you are still eligible for the 2014 season.

What is meant by Unlimited, Advanced, Recreational?

The Columbia Division is designated as “Unlimited”. This means a high level of competition for any player over the age of 18. There are no restrictions on the number of buddy picks or ex-professional players a team may have on the roster. “Advanced” divisions feature a high level of competition. The Willamette is listed as a Advanced division which features restricted player acquisition rules, and a generally good level of play consistent with the age group of each division.

“Recreational” division Clackamas is for players who wish a more relaxed environment, while still being competitive. These divisions feature restrictive player acquisition rules, designated playing time for all, and a friendly atmosphere for the more casual player. Must be 28 and older July 31 1986

What is the cost?

The cost is around $15 per game (see 2014 Registration Dues below). Pretty cheap sports entertainment when you compare it to the cost of a round of golf, an afternoon of bowling or a day of skiing, not to mention a Mariners, Seahawks, Blazers, Timbers, Ducks and Beaver games. These dues cover almost everything – use of the best fields, umpires, baseballs, and Insurance.

On most teams players need to pay for their own uniforms. These run approximately $30 – 125, but most teams have used uniforms available at a reduced price and some  will loan jerseys during the season. This is a one-time expense if you stay on the same team each year. All uniforms emulate (team names and designs) professional Major League, Minor League, or Negro League teams. Sponsors are allowed on uniforms.

NWIBL insists that we all at least dress and look like baseball players. It is an important image to project, especially to the people who rent their fields to us. Keep in mind, we’re granted access to some fields that are not available to other adult leagues.

2013 Player Dues Schedule

Note Any Veteran of all Military branches is eligible for a 10% discount on the normal league cost every season

Returning Player New Player
Columbia and Willamette  Set by Team Manager  $350
Clackamas Division 16 Games $275 $300
Returning Players pay New Player Dues Rate after 4/15/14

The Columbia and Willamette  Division plays 20 games, while the Clackamas Division plays 16 games hence, the lower dues.

The standard Teams fee for the Columbia and Willamette Divisions (field rentals, umpires, insurance, baseballs, etc.) are nearly $4500 annually.  The NWIBL spends nearly $2,000 per year in newspaper and online advertising to assist in recruiting new players to the League which is why your dues will be lower your second year…and all years that follow. The funds the League collects by means of asking the new players to pay $20-50 more pays for only a very small percentage of advertising costs and the tryouts.

When must these dues be paid?

Registration dues must be paid (in full) on or by April 15, 2014 for returning players. For tryout players, it is EXTREMELY CRITICAL you understand that if your$10 Try Out payment is not made on try out day or before your name will be removed from the draft list and you will not be able to try out. If you pre pay and do not make a team your team fee payment will be 100% refunded. We will take a check, or credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American express accepted  (even cash) on Tryout day.

The League has a "No Pay, No Play, No Refund" policy. If you pay and are not drafted (infrequent), your payment will be refunded quickly. Remember, we want players who are serious and no team can or will add a player who hasn’t paid to their team roster. If a player is drafted and changes his mind, that team will have been placed in a very difficult position. They’d have to fill that spot at a time when all available players have been drafted.  The team drafting you is counting on you to play.

To whom must you pay?

You may pay by check or credit card. You will need to register online in either case. Check payments for your registration dues are payable to the NWIBL and should be submitted to:

3425 SE Raymond St.
Portland OR 97202

Or Pay on line here

NWIBL New Player Payments
Add Team You are On
Enter Phone Number Here

Online Registration

You may register online, which includes agreeing to the terms of the Waiver of Liability. It takes only a few minutes. You can pay dues at this time with a credit card or mail in a check using the PayPal. Until you pay in full, your registration is considered pending. The League strongly urges all players to register online by using the link on our homepage. You also may apply to PayPal for up to 6 months terms

Is the Waiver of Liability important?

It’s not simply important, it’s mandatory (no exceptions). We will have hard copies of Registration Forms as well and Waivers of Liability if you cannot register electronically. The League strongly encourages online electronic registration with electronic signature as opposed to filling out the hard copy.

Will my information be kept confidential

Your e-mail address we ask for is used only by the League so you may receive pertinent League information. Your e-mail address is not sold to any outside agency. This policy is strictly enforced by League officials.

How many Tryout sessions must I attend?

One is enough, however, it is always better to attend a couple so all the General Managers get a good look at your skills. It also tells them that you are enthusiastic about playing. And, of course, if you wait until the last tryout session and it rains, you’re out of luck.

What must I do at Tryouts?

Just relax and have fun. You will be asked to demonstrate your skills as related to your desired position(s). This may mean hitting, running, throwing and fielding. Running will be voluntary, but if you show off good foot speed, it is an excellent skill for senior players. If you are a pitcher or catcher, you will, of course, be asked to pitch or catch. You should try out for all the positions you want to play in the NWIBL.

Don’t “sandbag” or hide your skills so some General Managers will overlook you in the hope you can get on another team of your choice. If you are caught (and you will be) you will not be able to play in the League for at least two years, and there will be no refund of your player dues.

Tryouts – When and Where

If you wish to play (and you are not on a team yet), you must attend at least one (1) tryout to be eligible to be drafted.  Open Try Outs will be held at Ball Park #3 Westmoreland Park 97202 Ages 18+ try out from 12-noon-3pm. Please check in one-half hour before your start time.

  • Sunday, February 23th, 2014 12 noon to 3PM  SE Lambert St & SE 23rd Ave
  • Saturday, March to be announced, 2014 if needed
  • Sunday, April to be announced, 2014

Note: Three issues regarding the tryouts and draft were implemented by the Board on 2/1/2009. It is highly recommended to read the try out rules that were introduced.


The First and Last NWIBL Draft will be held in this order based on PLAY OFF STANDINGS the second in reverse and teams have made their team deposite

What if you do not get drafted after trying-out?

Most players who pay the League registration dues will get drafted, so you’ve got a great chance of playing. In subsequent years some players move up to a more competitive division after showing their skills, or polishing their skills after many years of inactivity. With 3 different age/skill Divisions, we have room for most all ages and most all levels of talent. If you do not get drafted, we will promptly refund your team fee  money.

What if you get drafted by a team and refuse to report?

Simply put, you don’t get to play and you don’t get a refund. The NWIBL wants to ensure parity, which is the reason for the NWIBL Draft. Before the actual Draft, you need to decide if you really have the time, desire and money to play. Certainly not after! To be fair to the team drafting you, you should be available to play in at least 75% of the games. If you refuse to report after being drafted, there will be no refund of your player dues. If you ‘drop out’ on the team that drafted you, that team loses a valuable draft pick and will be without a player for a full season. Thus, the severe penalty.

Do you need to be in shape?

Like John Kruk of the Phillies once said, ‘I’m not an athlete, I’m a baseball player.’ So there is hope for all of us. At this senior level, the player who is in good condition can often times out perform a more skilled player.

What if you have not played for awhile?

Welcome to the crowd. Almost everyone now playing in the NWIBL had not played for a few years. If you played some high school baseball, you probably won’t have any trouble competing. Actually, there are some good players in the League who were outstanding athletes in other sports, but never played baseball during their youth. Give it a whirll there is no cost to try out.

What about equipment?

Besides purchasing your uniform, there’s your glove, cleats (metal and/or plastic) and other personal gear that you must have. Most teams will have bats to use, but these usually belong to individual players. You are encouraged to have your own bat and batting helmet. A helmet that fits can be purchased for $15-40 from a baseball catalog or a sporting goods store. Wood bats are mandatory if you play  See the league store at for a discount (call 503 208 2009) to get a price quote. no bat may have a differential of greater than -3 and must be BBCOR certified if it is a composite wood bat (Length can’t be more than 3 ounces more than the weight in ounces).  example 33/30 33/31 33/32 or 33/33

For the Tryouts, you are strongly encouraged to bring your own bat and helmet. Generally, each catcher has his own equipment. Don’t forget to mark your equipment in case it gets misplaced. take a picture with your phone

Where are the games played?

As the premier adult league in the area, we are privileged to play on the best fields available in the greater Portland and Vancouver area. These fields are located at  Luke Jensen Sports Park in Vancouver, Lents park, Westmoreland Park in Portland, Beaverton High School, North Marion High School and Volcanoes Stadium in Keizer. The league will play approximately 220 games this season. We continually strive to improve the overall field quality in our game inventory through feedback from teams and by working with the schools and communities who provide the venues.

When are the games?

Generally, teams will average two (2) games per week over the regular season with fewer games in May and June and more games in July and August. Weekday games on unlit fields usually begin at 6:00 pm and at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm at lighted fields. Most games will last a full 7 innings, games Played at volcanoes Stadium will be 9 Innings; a few will end earlier due to darkness or field-specific time limits.

Is there a minimum playing time rule?

The NWIBL does not have such a League-wide rule. However, we do encourage all our Divisions to be fair about playing time because everyone pays to play. Many teams have policies of playing every player who shows up for the game both offensively and in the field.


We’ll have rainouts, no doubt. The League Rainout Line is 503-823-3020. Every effort is made to post rainout information at least 2 hours before the scheduled first pitch. Obviously, at times this is impossible. Be patient. Remember, you’re not the only one playing on any given day. Some Saturdays or Sundays we’ll be playing over 15 games league-wide, so there are a lot of field conditions to monitor. The rainout hotline can be called 24 hours a day. Some days it will be updated numerous times. An effort will be made to contact the GM of a team whose game is rained out, but at times this can’t be done. Every player is encouraged to call the Rainout Line several times throughout the day.

What is the role of the General Manager (GM)?

The GM is the key to the overall success of this League. He is the main link between you and the League, especially with respect to communications. He must attend all monthly NWIBL General Meetings, handle all administration and managerial functions. The GM may appoint an on-the-field manager, but in the eyes of the League the GM is the boss of his team. However, the game strategy and decision making responsibilities on game day are those of the Field Manager, not the GM.

At the end of each season, every General Manager’s performance may be reviewed by the League. It takes a majority vote of the team’s players to “fire” a GM, and they must have a qualified replacement for the ousted GM. This may be done at any time.

Once on a team, can I change teams?

No, not within your division, during the first 2 years. You can request to be traded at any time as long as both General Managers agree and the League approves it. If you are unhappy at the end of a season, you may go back into the Draft the following year by trying out again and, if you are selected, you can join another team within that division. Once you are on a team’s roster, you are no longer a free agent within that division for 2 years. For more information, please read the rules

What umpires are used in the NWIBL?

The best available. The same professional umpires are used by the local high schools and colleges. Like the players, they make mistakes, but experience has proven that overall they make fewer mistakes (both mental and physical) than the players.

How does the NWIBL deal with discipline?

The best approach is not to find out. We are very severe to those who choose to not obey our rules.  Several players have been given lifetime NWIBL bans for misconduct. If the rules say you can’t do something, don’t do it. Because we are all adults, every player is expected to conduct him or herself beyond reproach. The excellent reputation of our League allows us to play on the best fields available. The NWIBL has established itself as being much more than a “beer league”, so there are enormous penalties (and possible expulsion from the League) for any bad conduct on or near the playing fields. Ask for a set of rules if you have any questions. Your General Manager has a copy. They are on the website as well. When administering any punishment, the League will assume that you were fully aware of these rules before any such violation occurred. When you register to play you agree to all NWIBL rules

When does the season begin and end?

It generally runs from early-May to the end of August. NWIBL Divisional Playoffs run for several weeks in Late August. Previous attempts to start our season earlier were met with too many rainouts and a lack of playing fields which are occupied by youth teams.

How about Holidays during the NWIBL season?

There normally are no regular season games scheduled on Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th. It is up to the team to request to play on a holiday weekend before the game schedule is finalized. Some NWIBL teams choose to play in tournaments over the Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th and Labor Day Weekend.

What Division(s) can you play in?

It depends on your age. Whatever your age, you can always ‘play down’ into a lower age bracket, assuming you are good enough. Unless you are an exceptional player, we encourage you to stay in your own age category. On the registration form you may indicate whether you hope to play in the most competitive division regardless of age or that you prefer to play with players your own age.

Again, your calendar age applies in order to be eligible to play. In other words, if your birthday is on July 31st, whatever your age is at that time qualifies you to play in the appropriate Division / age bracket during that preceding summer season. For example, if a player doesn’t become age 18 until July 31, 2013, he is still eligible to play in the 18+ Division during the 2013 season. There is no age restriction for female players. They can ‘play up’ despite the fact that they may be younger than the required age bracket.

Can you play in two (2) Divisions?

You can do this, however, you must pay two (2) registration dues, with a discount applied to your 2nd team. The dues for your 2nd team are 100% the dues that’s owed for your 1st priority division team. You must indicate which Division will be your priority team in the event there is a game conflict in the schedule. This enables the GMs on both teams to know your intentions in advance.

What about Medical Insurance?

Each player is personally responsible for any medical expenses as a result of an injury while playing in the NWIBL. While the League has a liability policy, it does now provide Accident insurance for players.

Whom should you contact if you have any further questions?

Our website address is Duane Wangenheim 503 208 2009

If and when you are drafted by a team, your main contact will be your General Manager.

All tryout sessions cost $10.00. Under no circumstances will a player be allowed on the field prior to filling out and signing a Registration Form. For this, there are no exceptions.

Thank you for interest and/or participation in the NWIBL. We hope to see you at the tryouts!

General notes and rules

 Once a player has paid his annual dues to become a member of the Northwest Independent Baseball League, the League will not refund dues to players who refuse to play for the team they are drafted by or are returning.

Refunds will only be granted for the following exceptions:
1.A player is not drafted or placed on a team roster prior to the start of the season;
2.A player is drafted into a division and has overpaid for that division; or
3.Military deployment on a prorated, per game basis.


Teams will be required to add players to fill out the roster to 15 prior to a refund being issued to an injured or relocated player.

NWIBL Player Conduct & Maintenance Rules

The following is a compilation of all field rules. To be on the safe side, please apply all of these guidelines to every field. Those who fail to observe these rules will face consequences. Our number one rule in the League is simple and carries over from year to year: All field supervisors, groundskeepers, etc. must be treated with maximum respect. Acquiring quality fields to play on takes an enormous amount of time and effort each year. However, we can be barred from a field for a single player’s actions. If your actions cause the League to lose games at a field, be prepared to face disciplinary action. The same respect for field personnel must also be given to all umpires as well as to your opponents and teammates.

General Managers / Field Managers: Do not play ineligible players (unpaid, un-signed), ever… no exception. This is one rule where there will be extreme sanctions levied, as the consequences could put the League in serious jeopardy.

Conduct Rules
•No bats greater than a -3 differential (BBCOR.50 certified)-penalties enforced for use of illegal bats.
•Do not use profane language, alcohol, controlled substances or tobacco.
•Do not smoke anywhere on or near the playing field.
•Don’t chew sunflower seeds at ANY ARTIFICAL TURF FIELD.
•No fighting, threatening, obscene or indecent conduct.
  Do Not Throw Equipment.
•Stay on the warning tracks/pathways when possible, and ALWAYS when on deck (not on grass!!).
•Do not take batting practice on the field before or in between games of doubleheaders.
•Do not (intentionally) throw or hit balls into the fence.
•Do not play pepper in front of the dugouts (outfield only).
•Do not jump over fences to gain access to fields if gates are locked.
•Warm-up, throw, and stretch in the outfield and not in the infield or in front of the dugouts.
•Do not stand or play catch on the foul lines during pre-game warm-ups.
•No animals on the field or in dugouts.
•Non-roster persons (i.e. children, fans) are NOT permitted in the dugout or on the playing field.
•Do not park illegally to avoid a towing or parking ticket.
•Pick up all trash, litter, bottles, etc. after each game, even if it’s not yours.
•No glass allowed on the field or in dugouts.
•If the umpires call the game (rain), do not practice on the field.

Most fields will provide field preparations and maintenance. However, you should still leave the field in the same condition in which you found it. Feel free to ask maintenance personnel if you can help. If you are responsible for field maintenance (we aren’t at most fields), make sure it gets done. Both teams will pitch in, the home team will be held "responsible." Complimenting our field providers and workers when appropriate is strongly encouraged. On the few fields where we are required to help with maintenance, please observe the following:
•Rake dirt out of and away from the grass and do not place tarps on the grass…dirt only.
•Fill in any holes on the mound and/or batters boxes before putting on tarps.
•Put away all equipment (including bases if needed) and lock storage areas.
•Lock up field, if applicable.
•No prep by players is allowed at Heidelberg.

Use tarps to cover all fields after last game of the day

For Registration problems or changes, please contact support if you need to make a change to your registration later.

Advancing to the next stage of the registration process constitutes your review, understanding and acceptance of the Player Dues and Conduct Policy of the NWIBL. If you have any questions or do not agree with any part of the foregoing, DO NOT accept the NWIBL Player Dues and Conduct Policy.

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2014 NWIBL Teams
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Portland Athletics Baseball Club
Roster 2013
Willamette Division  (2012 Team)
Manager Jim Klee
Pitcher Needed

Register to be on this team add team name to comments

Vancouver Bandits
2014 Roster
Willamette Division City Champions
Jack Burns Manager
Kevin Stockbridge Assistant Manager

Bombers Baseball 2013 Roster
Colombia Division  (2012 Team)

Ty  Brack

City Champion 2012
First Place Colombia Division
2010 Tie 2009
2014 ROSTER 2014

Pitcher Needed
Todd Hall

Cascadia Meadowlarks
Willamette Division
 Bobby Knight Zack O'Conner


Pitcher and Outfielder needed

Baseball Team
2014 Columbia Division  

Register to be on this team add team name to comments
Dan Cooper Manager

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2014 Columbia Division
Manager Doug Meyers & David Harding

Outfielder needed

2013 Columbia Division
League Champions

   Sean Fennell

Register to be on this team
add team
name to comments

Vancouver G-Nomes
Manager Robert Murdock
Willamette Division
New Expansion Team (2014 team)

2013 City Champions
2011 City Champions
2011 Columbia Division Champions
2010 City Champions

P Town Pirates
Todd Herbst

Willamette Division League Champions
Mike Welch

468x60 Ski banner

2014 Stumptown Mavericks
Willamette Division
3rd place 2013
Jonathan Kloser - 25

Manager Needed

Willamette Division
First Place Champions

SouthSide Flyers

Register to be on this team add team name to comments
Pitcher and Outfielder needed
Dan Enck and Mike Taylor

Willamette Division
Ben Schwisow Mike Archer

Pitcher needed

Register to be on this team add team name to comments

2014 Vancouver Mud Turtles Baseball Club
Blake Babnick
Willamette Division



Randy Rubalcava
Willamette Division

Register to be on this team add team name to comments



Columbia Division

Register to be on this team add team name to comments

Outfielder needed

Returning Players
Make Team or Game Payment
Enter Team Name
Enter Your Phone Number
Clackamas Division 28 and older

Portland Cubs



Do you want to manage this team?
New Expansion Team (2012 team)
Register to be on this team add team
name to comments

Duane Wangenheim

Fort Vancouver


Do you want to manage this Vancouver team?
New Expansion Team (2012 team)
Register to be on this team add team
name to comments

Duane Wangenheim


Do you want to manage this team?
New Expansion Team (2012 team)
Register to be on this team add team name to comments
Duane Wangenheim

The South Side M's are coming to Town

Do you want to manage this team?
New Expansion Team (2013 team)
Register to be on this team add team name to comments
Duane Wangenheim
Retired Teams

Angels team retired in 2011

2009 League
Playoff Champions

Randy Belston Addam Tate

2009, 2010

White Sox team Retired 2010
NWIBL 2009

Andy Bennett


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Retired 2012

Portland DODGERS
Ed Walton Jeff Buckhorn

2009, 2010, AND 2011

Retired 20112



retired 2012
Willamette Division  
Ryan Kline

Willamette Division
2012 Willamette Division Champion
retired 2012

Portland Royals
Matt Reimer

Tie First Place 2009
Three River Circles
Columbia Division
3 R C
Mitch Moses Stephen George

Red Sox


Red Sox
retired 2011
Willamette Division
2011 Willamette Division Champions

D. Wangenheim

2014 NWIBL Team Fees

Join the Northwest Independent Baseball League
"Baseball Played the Wood Bat Way"

Managers with Baseball Teams register for
2012 Spring/Summer Season. 
NWIBL 2011 Summer Season to Include 2* Spring Training Games

NWIBL will help managers in forming new teams with player draft, uniforms, web page, and equipment.

Try Out Information

Spring and Summer games played at Sckavone Stadium, Westmoreland Park and Walker Stadium, Lent's Park

Spring/Summer Teams 18 + and 33+
"Baseball Played the Wood Bat Way"

NWIBL Columbia Division    COLUMBIA RIVER CATS    All-Star Team needs Players

We are a baseball team in the Portland City Northwest Independent Baseball League and we are looking to START
a highly competitive team for the upcoming 2013 summer season. We have had 6 roster spots open up and want to fill them with local Portland baseball players 20 and older. The majority of the team will have played at the college level or equivalent (pro experience a plus). We play about 20 league games at Sckavone and Walker Stadium with games split between weeknights and weekends. Our team also plays in some extra tournaments and out of town games as well. If you are interested in playing this summer (2013) and would like more information please email Duane

 Players needed for the PORTLAND ANG
Are you just returning from Active Duty or a member of the Portland National Guard...we have an opening for a ANG Team with special team Registration fee play Monday nights.  call now 503 208 2009 for player and team information, Team Manager Needed
League Information forms rules



College players wanting to play wood bat baseball and living in the Portland, Gresham, Salem, and Vancouver area register now. Games played at Walker and Sckavone Stadiums. Summer Baseball

Are you are a former or current player who has what it takes to compete, get your glove and come join us. We are gearing up for this season! Retired High School and College Players, EX-Pros, Catchers, RH / LH Pitchers, and Hitters welcome!   We play Baseball the Wood Bat Way!

VETERANS you have given to your country now we offer you a 10% discount off player fees when playing in the Northwest Independent Baseball Summer and Fall baseball league...Call NWIBL office at 503 208 2009 for registration information.

League Information forms

Portland, OR 12/23/2013 Northwest Independent Baseball League, is supporting Juvenile Diabetes, MS, and ALS this year with donations. Please do the same, every dollar helps find and a cure.

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Are you are a former or current player who has
what it takes to compete?

2013 Player Contract

 We are gearing up for the 2013 Summer season! 

 We need pitchers, catchers and players who can play any position.
You have to believe your the best and play like you think.....
Players who play to win.
Players who put sportsmanship on and off the field fist.
Players who will give back to the Portland Community.
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If you have a baseball team from any of the cities below call for team placement information 503-208-2009
If you live in  any of these cities call about being placed on a team. If you played Baseball in Australia, England, Canada, Netherlands, Latin America, Cuba, South Africa, England, China, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea come out .
Mid Willamette Valley

Albany, Amity, Aurora, Brooks, Canby, , Corvallis, Coburg, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Dallas, Dayton, Dundee, Falls City, Gates, Gervais, Halsey, Harrisburg, Independence, Jefferson, Junction City, Keizer, Lebanon, Lowell, Lyons, McMinnville, Mill City, Molalla, Newberg, Oakridge, Salem, Scio, Sheridan, Silverton, Springfield, Stayton, St. Paul, Sublimity, Tangerit, Veneta, Waterloo, Willamina, Woodburn, Yamhill
Portland and Vicinity

Banks, Barlow, Beaverton, Camas, Canby, Clackamas, Clatskanie, Columbia City, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Gaston, Gresham, Happy Valley, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Marquam, Milwaukie, Molalla, North Plains, Oregon City, Portland, Rainier, Sandy, Scappoose, St. Helens, Tigard, Troutdale, Tualatin, Vernonia, West Linn, Wilsonville, TUALATIN HILLS
Southwest Washington Cities

Aberdeen, Battle Ground, Camas, Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Central Park, Centralia, Chehalis, Chinook, Cosmopolis, Elma, Ilwaco, Kelso, Kalama, Long Beach, Longview, McCleary, Montesano, Nahcotta, Naselle, Oakville, Ocean Park, Ocean Shores, Pe Ell, Raymond, Salkum, Seaview, Silverlake, Skamokawa, South Bend, Tokeland, Vancouver, Westport, Winlock, Woodland