Diamond Pro Hitting League
Indoor Hitting with a Twist...ARE YOU GAME
Diamond Pro Winter Hitting League in Tigard (Directions)

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Premier Baseball for Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington

Diamond Pro Winter Ultimate Hitting League in Tigard (Directions)
6 Week Season Play every Thursday 8.30PM- 9.30PM Cost
First 5 Teams of 2 (Two Players per Team) to Register
Season Starts in 2 Weeks
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The Ultimate Hitting League!

Diamond Pro to bring you the Ultimate Hitting League (UHL) experience.

Dear baseball enthusiast:
What we’ve found is that many of the baseball players can groove their swing in the cage, but struggle or want to improve their success rate in the game.

What holds most hitters back?

The ability to take their training into the game. To perform between the foul lines. There's nothing more frustrating than having a great swing, and not be very productive at the plate.

Why Call it the Ultimate Hitting League (UHL)

There are other hitting leagues around the country. In fact, there are other hitting leagues in the Portland area. We wanted to be different and deliver a better experience to you than you will find anywhere else.

Then I asked, how will we do that? We already have the best information on hitting principles and fundamentals anywhere in the area. We know how to help hitters develop a better mental approach during the game. And heck, we are the best baseball pitching academy in the Northwest, so helping hitters understand pitchers is easy. But we need an experience that will help you carry your training onto the battlefield. So, combining competing and training together is the answer. But that's already being done by
some other lesson-givers in the area. We need to take it ten-steps above the others.


By developing better weekly curriculum and measuring your progress! That’s how! When we created the Ultimate Hitting League (UHL) I've always wanted to be different from any of the other academies and lesson givers in the area. I think we've done a very good job of that. We are better at what we do because we train baseball and softball players in their mechanics, their strength and conditioning, we coach the players with their mental-emotional state within baseball, and we help them become better communicators and teammates. Our results prove it! We don't give lessons. We train them. What we do very well is measure progress of our athletes. That's the real big difference with the UHL compared to any other hitting league out there. We will measure your progress in these areas of hitting discipline:

• We'll improvement your bat speed
• We'll measure your improvement in your ball exit speed off the bat
• We'll track your improvement in hitting a higher percentage of line drives
• You'll finally know if you're bat control is getting better
• We'll show you your improvement in hitting the ball to all fields
• You'll better understand what percentage of quality of at-bats you are having, a true indicator of your success
• We'll even track how well you compete with 2 strikes
• You will know your strengths and weakness once during the league and go over it with
you on our computer analysis program
• You will have a much better understanding of the strike zone
• We will give you a report on your swing strengths and the areas of the strike zone youshould work on to become a more well-rounded hitter
• And best of all, we will be able to discover how well your swing holds up undersome pressure and in competition!

How Does Diamond Pro and the UHL Work with Hitters with Different Styles and Hitting Philosophies?
That's the real brilliance of Diamond Pro. Diamond Pro UHL is style friendly. In the UHL, there
is no time spent on the things that are personal preferences or old-school teaches like your stride
should only be X inches long, or "keep your eyes on the ball", or one of my favorites, "keep your
elbow up!" At Diamond Pro, you keep your own style. The Diamond Pro system focuses only
on the principles of:
1. Energy generation
2. Consistency of the swing plane
3. Timing
4. Power
5. Balance

We teach principles, not styles…

You Should Only Enroll in the Ultimate Hitting League Under These Three Conditions….

1) You have a burning desire to better understand your swing, your weaknesses, and
want to take your newfound swing into competition…
2) You are a serious baseball player that wants to really improve. This league is for the
competitive player. (For ages 10 to 18.) There are plenty of other lesson givers and
academies in the area that will cater to the recreational player.
3) You badly want to excel at your current level and develop towards being a much
better hitter in your league, your high school, or become a college hitter.

How Does the UHL Work?
The league will have up to 12 teams of two players on each team. Your team will accumulate points through various challenges each week. Each week, we will have a specific theme, or discipline to work on. Disciplines like power, bat control, situational hitting, opposite field hitting, and of course, hitting off-speed pitches. We will use live pitching for specific drills and

There will be a leader board at the academy to let you know how your team is doing in the UHL. After 4 weeks, we will divide the teams into two brackets and then have a head-to-head championship the 5th and 6th weeks to declare the Diamond Pro UHL champion.

What do we need from you?

That's easy. Pick a time-slot from below that fits into you and your teammate's schedule and be
committed to competing and learning about your hitting. Each time slot will have 4 teams working out together. They won't necessarily be competing head-to-head, but will share the time. While one team is competing for points in the cage, the other two teams will be working on their skill work out of the cage, and scoring points in a bunting competition as well.

What if I don't have a teammate?

That's ok. We can match you up with another athlete that is looking for a teammate.

The Diamond Pro Ultimate Hitting League (UHL) Weekly Schedule
You'll want to pick one of the time slots below. Once all the slots are filled, they are filled. At
that point, we will take teams on a waiting list.

Thursdays 8:30 – 9:30 pm or so

The UHL starts the week of February 7th, 2013

 If you will pay the entire season up front, we will discount the tuition to only $120. That’s only $20 per week.


Ultimate Hitting League
Phone Number

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